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    The Ultimate Predator

    He viewed my blatant naivety as a weakness and took his predatorial stance.
    In the eyes of a predator I am prey but in my eyes staring, glaring deep into the the steady studying eyes of this particular predator I sense weakness. How can he be fooled. A predator . The food chains top consumer, has become fooled by mere prey. I lead him to believe that I am naive and oblivious to the real source of his interest. Lust pleasure sex. My sweet tender depth is his interest he longs to feel the inside of my deepest warmth. But I leave him to linger yearning for my attention. Blinding him of my knowledge. He yearns and I let him over and over and over. When will he realize whipping the blinding dirt from his brown bed room eyes that I am the ultimate predator the women. Her love her body her temple her mind is the highest on the food chain. I bleed to create and lead you to believe that I am the who whom is naive. It’s takes the mistaken prey to see. Only a women can know what it really means to be blatantly naive.

    That stage in a friendship where you can start insulting them.


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    To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.
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    Rasta Love πŸ’šβ€πŸ’›πŸŽΆ

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    We threw a Party yeah we threw a Party Bitches came over yeah we Threw a Party !

    …..Talk to me please I Dont have much to believe in….

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